What In The World is Desiccated Liver???


As usual, Mom was right.  When she told you to eat your beef liver – she knew what she was talking about.  Beef Liver or Calves’ Liver is one of the most nutrient dense foods in the world.  In fact organ meat (as gross as that sounds) are 10 to 100 times higher in nutrients than muscle meat.  Check out the nutrients in beef liver –

  • A Terrific Source of High-Quality Protein
  • The Most Concentrated Food Source of Vitamin A
  • Bursting With All the B vitamins, Including Energy Powerhouse Vitamin B12
  • An Excellent Food Source Of Folate (B9)
  • Great Source of Bioavailable Iron
  • Packed With Trace Elements like Zinc, Copper and Chromium
  • Wonderful Source of Heart Healthy CoQ10
  • And More and More…

The Only Problem With Beef Liver? It Taste Terrible!

You know why we never ate our liver when Mom tried to feed it to us?  Because it taste exactly how you would expect an organ meat to taste – terrible!  Even if you could somehow stomach the taste of a plate full of liver, it is not always easy to get a piece of grass fed beef liver for every meal.

Enter Desiccated Liver Powder and Supplements…

How do you get all the nutrients of Grass Fed Beef Liver into your diet, without eating liver for every meal?  Simple, you take a Desiccated Liver supplement.

What is “Desiccated”?  Basically it just means dried or dehydrated.  So, Desiccated Liver powder is exactly what it sounds like – beef liver that has been dried into a powder and sold in powder or capsule form.  You will also see beef liver tablets and beef liver pills (also marketed as desiccated liver pills and desiccated liver tablets) – just understand it all means pretty much the same thing, beef liver that has been dried and turned into a tablet, pill, capsule or powder.

Eat Your Liver
By taking a daily Dessicated Liver Supplement, you are able to get all the great nutrients of beef liver…without having to eat beef liver at every meal.

Are All Desiccated Liver Supplements The Same?

Absolutely not!  Just as a hamburger you get at McDonalds is not the same as a steak you get at the best Steak House.  They are both made of beef, but clearly they are very different!

The same holds true with Beef Liver Supplements.  Where the Beef comes from and how it is processed are extremely important when trying to find the best Desiccated Liver supplement.  We absolutely love the Perfect Desiccated Liver.  If you want the best Desiccated Liver supplement on the market, trust us – you want to go with the Perfect Desiccated Liver.

Let’s use the Perfect Desiccated Liver as an example and go over what makes this Beef Liver Supplement stand above the competition…

Perfect Desiccated Liver:

  • Made from 100% Healthy Grass Fed Cattle From Argentina
  • Cows graze exclusively on rapidly growing grass from rich Argentinean soil
  • Cows NEVER come in contact with hormones, antibiotics, chemical fertilizers, pesticides or any other chemicals contaminants.
  • Provides grass-fed beef liver in its purest form- Non-Defatted
  • Bursting With Vitamin A, Iron, Protein and Vitamin B12
  • Just 4 Capsules Gives You The Equivalent of 3 Grams of Grass Fed Liver

 What Are The Health Benefits of Desiccated Liver?

Because Grass Fed Liver is so rich in nutrients, you can see a wide range of benefits when working Desiccated beef liver into your diet…

  • Excellent Source of High Quality Protein
  • Increase Energy Levels (great for workouts)
  • Boost the Immune System
  • Speed Metabolism
  • Improve Digestion
  • Improve Respiratory Strength
  • Maintain Healthy Cholesterol Levels
  • Help You Maintain Healthy Blood Sugar
  • Maintain Cardiovascular Health


Are There Desiccated Liver Side Effects?

Here is where you need to be very careful when picking your brand of Desiccated Liver.  Some Desiccated Liver powders have other ingredients and are made from, well, let’s just say less than “happy and healthy cattle.”

If you start with bad ingredients, you obviously end up with a bad desiccated liver supplement.  In this case, there could be side effects, due to the poor quality ingredients.  Just think if you bought a 50 cent hamburger from some guy on the side of the road – would you be surprised if you had “side effects” from eating that burger?? You know what they say… Garbage In, Garbage Out…

The good news is, if you go with a pure, lab tested Desiccated Liver Supplement – like the Perfect Desiccated Liver – you should not have any problems.  In many ways, a high quality Desiccated Liver supplement offers more protection than buying beef liver at the supermarket.  With a Desiccated Liver supplement you can check the documents and see exactly where they source their liver from and how it is tested.

Buy A Trusted Desiccated Liver…From A Trusted Source…

Is there anyone left on this planet who does not have an Amazon.Com account? I think it is almost time for my AA meeting, yes, I need Amazon Anonymous to help me from buying too much. That One Click ordering is just too easy. But I digress, back to the Desiccated Liver – why not pick up Desiccated Liver from a completely trustworthy site like Amazon.Com. What happens to be the #1 Bestseller for Liver Supplements on Amazon.Com?


Yep, the exact same Perfect Desiccated Liver we recommended above. So, if you feel comfortable buying from Amazon, by all means click here to head over to Amazon.Com and buy Desiccated Liver. One quick money saving tip – on the Perfect Supplements site, they offer 25% off if you buy 3 bottles or more. This is a much better price than you will find on Amazon.

So Follow Mom’s Advice, With a Little Twist…

As usual, Mom was right.  Eating beef liver is one of the best ways to get your nutrients and stay healthy.  What Mom didn’t know is that with Desiccated Liver supplements you can eat your liver, without having to deal with the taste!

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